Almost a year ago I posted a blog article on this site about Louis Jammes' 1993 project "Anges de Sarajevo" and declared my intention to somehow return Louis' angels to Sarajevo.  At the time there was very little information on the internet about this remarkable and unique project.  It was almost as if it never happened.  

And then, several months later, Louis got in touch with me.

Since then we have stayed in regular touch.  So, increasingly determined to make sure that Louis' angels would return to Sarajevo 20 years later, I organised a meeting with Centre Andre Malraux in Sarajevo.  And thankfully they love the idea.

So Louis will return to Sarajevo in March 2013 and the Malraux Centre will organise an exhibition of his angels in Sarajevo in the coming year.

Louis and his angels are now easily found on the internet, so please take some time to discover the artist and his work.

All the best as ever,