As the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo is now just days away, I am naturally recalling my own experiences of living in besieged Sarajevo.  

And one thing I've never forgotten were strange decaying images of angels in destroyed buildings in the centre of the city.

Louis Jammes arrived in Sarajevo in 1993 and began work on these images by photographing children, then superimposing tones and textures onto mural-sized prints, with the children portrayed with the wings of angels.  The prints were then attached to the external and internal walls of buildings and in most or even all cases were left to weather and fade and slowly be forgotten.

But even as late as 1996 or even 1997, many of those attached to internal walls were still attached and visible, if ravaged by time, especially time under siege.

I often wonder why Louis Jammes chose to come to Sarajevo and leave these stunning traces of his time here behind.  I often wonder what became of the models in the photographs.  And, more than anything, I often wonder why there is so little trace of this remarkable project.

There was a short documentary film made, directed by Antonije Žalica and featuring the music of Sarajevo's SCH:

There was a book published:

But, other than miniscule images dotted around the internet, the project has been forgotten.  So I wish to confront this neglect and will try to revive interest in the images that Louis Jammes produced.  I would particularly love to see reproductions exhibited again in Sarajevo.

But how?  I haven't worked that part out yet but I shall certainly keep you informed of future developments...